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Angleton ISD Students Release Butterflies Into Natural Habitat

angleton isd butterflies

Angleton ISD Students are Monarch Warriors

Angleton ISD’s Northside Elementary 5th graders spent weeks counting caterpillars and submitting their data to butterfly conservation groups, protecting chrysalises, and releasing dozens of monarch butterflies into the school’s nature habitat!  

Angleton ISD butterflies

Northside Elementary's Nature Habitat

With the help of a 2018 AISD Education Foundation grant, Northside teacher Kelsey Payne created the Monarch Warrior program. She used the funds to plant milkweed and other butterfly sustaining plants in Northside’s nature habitat and invested in learning resources to teach students the importance the pollinators play in our ecosystem.

angleton isd monarchs
monarch watch

Monarch Watch Program

Because of the students’ work, Northside’s habitat has been named an official Monarch Waystation from the University of Kansas’ Monarch Watch program!

angleton isd monarch butterflies

Monarch Watch is a research program based at the University of Kansas that is a nonprofit organization to help educate the public on all things monarch butterflies. They are using their research to conserve the monarchs’ migration and promote the protection of the monarchs’ habitats. 

angleton isd butterflies
monarch warriors

The Angleton ISD students were able to bid farewell to six more monarchs as they were released into the wild!

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