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Northside ISD Female Student Athletes Prove the Power in Perseverance

Northside Female Athletes Prove the Power in Perseverance

Inspiring female athletes of Northside ISD recognized for their outstanding commitment and determination.

Brennan High School’s soccer player, Lauren Liguez, and Folks Middle School’s football quarterback, Bella Alvarado, are just two of the many inspirational female athletes of Northside ISD. Their stories bring unique, strong, and impressive impact to all current and future female athletes in and out of the district.

 Soccer Player Does it All

As a soccer player and outstanding academic student, Lauren Liguez was presented with the 2022-23 KENS 5/UPS All-Star Athlete award. On top of her sport, Liguez is a class officer, National Honor Society member, student artist, and art contest winner, while also being ranked number two in her class. Outside of school, Lauren stays connected with her community as she mentors at elementary schools, volunteers at her local food bank, serves as an orientation leader, works two jobs, and is a certified soccer referee.

Female Athlete Challenges the Football Norm

Growing up in a football family, Isabella Alvardao tried out for the Folks Middle School football team and landed the quarterback position. Alvarado started playing the game at six years old and sparked interest in her school’s football team after watching her older brother play for Folks. Although skeptical at first, her coach knew she was fit for the team. She stuck to her roots despite the predominantly male sport and gives her all to the game. As the only female on the team, Bella’s teammates are proud to share the field with her.

Setting the Example for other Female Athletes

Both one-of-a-kind students deserve their recognition for the leadership and dedication they  exemplify to other female athletes. Lauren and Bella’s stories prove that it is possible to make an impact through hard work, academic duties, and roots!

Blog Post by: Kendall Najvar, GoPublic Intern, Business Management Major, UTSA class of 2023. 

Sources: Northside Dynamite Quarterback Facebook Post, Brennan Soccer Player Article


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