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Floresville ISD CTE Students Test their Culinary Skills

Floresville ISD student chef

Floresville ISD CTE Students Test their Culinary Skills

Floresville ISD elementary school students get creative in the kitchen

Floresville ISD student chef

It’s never too early to learn how to cook and Floresville ISD 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders learned quite a bit. Thanks to Sodexo, which provides a multitude of services, these elementary school students were able to make delicious and healthy meals for the Future Chef Challenge

Sodexo Schools has been helping children with their culinary skills for the past decade through the Future Chef Challenge. Students are encouraged to submit theme-based recipes each year. The recipes are judged on taste, healthiness, kid-friendliness, originality, and presentation. A winner is chosen at the district level and then at the regional level until one winner is crowned at the national championship.

Food judges tasting the student dishes

The students cooked their favorite recipes inspired by their favorite book or movie as they were assisted by the FISD child nutrition staff. Some of the recipes included green spaghetti, fruit nachos, broccoli pizza, and many other creative ideas. The judges, including former winner Brayden Moffit, enjoyed all the dishes that were served. Clara Felux from Floresville North Elementary was named the winner with her dish called Luca’s Pesto Pasta. The challenge is an incredible way for students to learn basic cooking skills and create healthier eating habits. Plus, the winning recipe in the national championship is added to school menus the following school year. 

Blog Post by: Lauren Castelo, GoPublic Intern, Marketing Major, UTSA Class of 2023

FISD Future Chef Challenge

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