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La Vernia ISD CTE Students Get Real-World Experience

Students getting instructed by their teacher.

La Vernia ISD CTE students are thriving while getting advice and hands-on experience in their CTE pathways.

Students pay close attention to their instructor.

Dona Kappmeyer of Action Coach Foundation spoke to Seniors in the Business Management class. Those Seniors began a pilot program with YESS!

YESS stands for Young Entrepreneurs Smart Start! This is a program that gives students relevant and real-world business education that helps inspire and motivate students to succeed, no matter which path they plan to follow.
CTE business students can expand their knowledge and gain experience with business leaders.

La Vernia Instructional Practices students taught their first mini lesson. Students collaborated with their cooperating teacher to discuss appropriate topics for their units and then created lesson plans with fun activities for those topics. The students taught concepts anywhere from adding two digit numbers while using a ten-frame, phases of the moon lab using Oreos, adding single digit numbers using various taught strategies, observation of the phases of the water cycle lab, and social-emotional development.

Blog by: Cass Garza, Intern, UTSA

Source: LA Vernia CTE Business, La Vernia CTE Teaching

Group of students take a photo.
Students working on their lesson.

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