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South San ISD Wins Esports Championship

South San Antonio ISD CTE Cybersecurity students

South San Antonio ISD high school students from the Esports program competed in the UTSA Cyber Warrior Network Esports League, contributing to the development of essential skills for Cybersecurity Careers. SSAHS students swept the competition by placing in all the top 4 positions, as well as covering the scoreboard in 6th,7th and 9th place.

coach helps students with their computers

Through the Cyber Warrior Platform, students and classes compete to earn points based on their gameplay, streaming, social media sharing, and video survey completion. This platform not only allows students to hone their skills but also facilitates connections with businesses seeking specific talents. Some may think that Esports is heavily focused on gaming, but platforms such as Cyber Warrior allow students to learn the ins and outs of cybersecurity while playing with artificial intelligence.

loading screen for cyber warrior competition

SSAHS students, under the guidance of Mr. Ruiz, have been instrumental in pioneering these initiatives. With their Esports program, students have the ability to seek new interests and explore an educational field that is necessary for our world climate.

Source: South San Antonio ISD Website

Blog By: Etash Chandran, Intern, UT

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