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Southwest ISD’s Practical Education for Careers in The San Antonio Community

Southwest ISD’s Practical Education for Careers in The San Antonio Community

High school students in Southwest ISD are now graduating with certifications in various professions through their CTE Program.

Career and Technical Education Program

34 different courses are now being offered for Southwest and Southwest Legacy High School students. Options within the program range from Cosmetology to Law Enforcement, and even STEM-specific options like Engineering. And thanks to public school accommodations, students do not need to have strong English skills to apply and participate in the program. 

Southwest ISD CTE Culinary Arts

The CTE program consists of a series of courses consistent with the program of choice. Students are challenged with upholding academic standards while developing skills through hands-on experience. For example, students in the culinary arts program practice in a working kitchen while automotive technology students have real vehicles to learn on. Through the STEM program, students can even earn college credits along with their industry certification. Admission to CTE programs depends on a student’s grade classification and/or age. 


Southwest ISD CTE

Blog Post by: Lianna Flores, Go Public intern


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