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Dickinson ISD’s Seussical Steals the Stage

Dickinson ISD Seussical

Gator students filled the seats at Dickinson ISD’s High School to see the theatre department’s performance of Seussical. Talented K-12 students lit up the stage, showcasing their boundless creativity and love for the arts. These snapshots capture the magic of musical theater in action!

Dickinson ISD students perform in the Seussical production.

Congratulations to the students who participated, the production team, technical crew, and parent volunteers, it looked fantastic! You can purchase a recording of the show if you want to discover that it sounded fantastic too.

Meanwhile, in the same week, Dickinson ISD hosted a Fun Friday Trashion Show. These young creatives found an innovative, and fashionable way to reuse what was once discarded waste and transformed it into art on the stage. Great job to Dickinson ISD and all of its Gators for supporting arts programs.

Dickinson ISD students wear their Fun Friday Trashion Show pieces.
Dickinson ISD students wear their Fun Friday Trashion Show pieces.

Source: Dickinson ISD Facebook

Blog By: Tatum Owens, Marketing and Events Assistant

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