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Northside ISD Alum Actor in Hollywood

Northside ISD Alum Actor in TV show, "Psych"

Northside ISD alumnus, James Roday Rodriguez, graduated from Taft High School back in 1994. After saying goodbye to his Raider classmates, he went on to attend New York University (NYU) where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. There, he also made a crucial change for his career, when he changed his stage name to omit his Latino heritage- a change he has since fixed, honoring his roots and family back in San Antonio.

Northside ISD alumn featured in "A Million Little Things"

As a former theatre student, Rodriguez has carried his passion for acting through over 50 roles, appearing in popular shows, best known for his portrayal of Shawn Spencer in “Psych” and in “A Million Little Things.”

His career involves more than just TV roles, he’s encompassed many art forms, including the behind the scenes work in production and directing to shape stories, and in performance through theatre. Most importantly, Rodriguez uses his success to amplify support for causes he believes in. This commitment to social responsibility is evident in his writing for USA, Fox, and SyFy, as well as in his directing of hits like “The Resident.” Through his platform, Rodriguez sparks conversations about injustice and identity, embodying an uplifting blend of creativity and responsibility.

Blog by: Laura Hermes, Intern, UT Austin 

Source: Northside ISD Instagram

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