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Medina Valley ISD Students Enlist in Military

MVISD enlistees

Medina Valley ISD students signed with military branches in an enlistment ceremony!

MVISD enlistees
MVISD enlistees
15+ Medina Valley High School students represented the United States Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force in an Enlistee Recognition Ceremony held at the Panther Dome this morning.
This ceremony marks an important milestone, similar to that of a collegiate signing. We wish all soon-to-be high school graduates, who have chosen a path of service to their nation, good luck in their next chapter.
MVISD enlistees
MVISD enlistees
Angel Mariscal
Miranda Salas Perez
Cristobal Gil
Marine Corps:
Garrett Edwards
Sharlotte Sarro
Zachary Guinn
Gavin Guerrero
Alan Segura
Emiiano Rodriguez
Rene Contreras
Madalyn Gaultier-Soliz
Clayton “CJ” McCulloch
Air Force:
Anberlin MacCauley
Kason Saulter
Natalie Perez
Elisa Simmons
Jaiden Gonzalez
Eric Barrientes
Jacob Lascano
Cristian Zarazua

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