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Ft Sam Houston ISD Special Education Teacher Wins Award

Lucy Guevara EXCEL Award

Lucy Guevara, a teacher in Fort Sam Houston ISD, was presented with a check for $1,000 as part of the KENS 5 EXCEL Award. The award honors the best teachers across 19 school districts.


Guevara found her passion while in high school. The Laredo native started working in a clinical setting, but her spirit for helping others led Guevara to a special education classroom at Fort Sam Houston Elementary

“Our kids, what they need is motivation,” said Guevara. “That motivation and having to first show them what we’re going to do, but definitely having get to where they are at, you know, having it to present it at their level. So we know that’s how they’re going to be successful.”

Lucy Guevara, Fort Sam Houston ISD

She loves seeing their faces light up every day and watching her students grow and succeed, it’s what fuels her passion every day.

“I just like it when our students thrive and then we start to see them go into the general education classrooms and they are just thriving in there and they’re doing so well, which we have a couple of students that are doing that right now,” said Guevara. “And when they get that feedback from the teacher and saying, oh my God, I saw them interacting with this, I saw them playing in the playground. I’m like, oh my gosh. Okay. That, to me is one of the I mean, the highlight of the day when I hear that.”

Lucy Guevara with EXCEL Award

Blog by: Aimet Luna, The University of Texas at Austin

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