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Judson ISD Teacher Reflects on Career

Judson ISD Teacher instructs her class

Judson ISD‘s Ms. Andrea Diaz is the epitome of what the district calls, “building your own,” or people who come from their schools, grow in their schools, and give back to their schools. Ms. Diaz was a Wolf herself, part of the team that opened Rolling Meadows Elementary over a decade ago.

Ms. Diaz in graduation regalia with her family

She started as a paraprofessional with the hopes of eventually having a classroom of her own.

“When I got hired, Rolling Meadows was split between Olympia and Franz. We finally opened up this school when it was ready a little after Christmas,” Diaz said. “I’m an original OG of the school – an original Wolf.”

Ms. Diaz teaching her class

She later discovered a passion for working with special education students, who ended up teaching her more about life than she would ever be able to teach them.

“It was hard,” Diaz said. “But one thing they taught was patience. They just don’t know better, so we have to teach them. But I found myself being taught every day – I wasn’t teaching them, they were teaching me.”

Read more of Ms. Diaz’s story here! It’s wonderful to see graduates of our amazing public schools in San Antonio give back to our community and students as a full circle celebration of public education!

Blog by:  Laura Hermes, Intern, UT Austin

Source: Judson ISD Facebook

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