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Brazosport Students Design Rocket

Brazosport ISD Brazoswood High School Goddard Team holding Phoenix 1 Rocket

From Brazosport ISD, Brazoswood High School instructor Chris McLeod and his skilled Goddard team presented their latest creation, the 2023 Goddard Rocket named Phoenix 1 at an exciting event. This impressive 21.9-foot, 260-pound hybrid rocket was all set to compete in the prestigious National Competition at White Sands, New Mexico.

Reflecting on their success with the Horizon 1 Rocket the previous year, which set a world record at 45,482 feet, the team aimed to surpass it by reaching a staggering 50,000 feet. Their goal showcased their determination and ambition in the realm of rocketry.

Brazoswood’s participation was part of SystemsGo, an innovative project-based engineering program involving over 70 schools across multiple states. The unique curriculum empowered students to drive the research, design, and creation of these extraordinary rockets, fostering collaboration with NASA and aerospace and engineering companies.

Mr. McLeod praised his students for their dedication and capabilities, highlighting the immense effort required to reach that critical stage in the project. The project’s success was also attributed to the generous support of key sponsors, including BASF, NASA, MMI, Dow, Swagelok, SystemsGo, Olin, DaVinci Maker Labs, SE Customs, and Kroger, whose contributions were pivotal in realizing this aerospace engineering endeavor.

Source: Brazosport ISD Website, Brazosport ISD Facebook, Brazosport ISD CTE Facebook

Blog by: Maegan Monje, Intern, UTSA

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