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Alvin ISD Teacher Creates Sanitizer Station

Alvin Teacher Creates Sanitizer Station

Alvin ISD teacher Ashley Martin built a hands-free sanitizer station for her classroom.  The third-grade teacher envisioned her young students wasting large amounts of sanitizer by using too much.  She imagined they might also contaminate the sanitizer pump bottles.  A fellow teacher inspired her to begin thinking of a solution.

Martin told Good Morning America“Our district has their [safety] plans that they’re going to roll out but I thought what can I do that’s in addition to that to keep everybody healthy and also to minimize waste.”  She discussed the idea with her husband, who built a prototype using PVC pipes.  

alvin sanitizer station

When Martin posted a photo of the foot-pump sanitizer station on Facebook, teachers took the post viral. She and her husband made dozens more of the stations, and they are selling them online to teachers across the country.

“My plan is to put it outside of my classroom,” said Martin in her GMA interview.  “It’s portable and super lightweight, so I can also put it in the classroom and move it around.”

You can check out Ashley’s foot-pump sanitizing station and order one for your favorite teacher here:

My Shopify Sanitizer Station

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