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Alamo Heights ISD Partners With The Frontier Times Museum

Alamo Heights ISD Partners With The Frontier Times Museum

Alamo Heights ISD teacher, Marigel De Leon, reaches out to the Frontier Times Museum for a collaborative learning opportunity!

Interactive Learning in History!

Alamo Heights ISD Junior School 7th grade history teacher, Marigel De Leon, takes a hands-on approach when teaching students about the importance of the past. De Leon creates elaborate lesson plans to make the learning of History more engaging for her students.  She seeks out opportunities, such as reaching out to the Frontier Times Museum, to bring History back to life. Students  research the tribal history of Texas, handle real artifacts, and create meaningful art as they learn about Texas History. Thank you Maribel De Leon for going above and beyond for your students!

What is The Frontier Times Museum?

The Frontier Times Museum is located in Bandera, Texas and serves to keep the memory of the Texas frontier times, and its cultural significance to the Bandera county area, alive. The museum is open to residents and visitors alike, with a small entrance fee. The museum showcases artifacts and historical documents/photographs from the frontier times, from fossils to the cowboys that once called Bandera county home. The Frontier Times Museum’s purpose is to educate visitors while paying respect to the historical significance of their exhibitions.

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