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Lackland ISD Student Wins KENS5 All Star Award

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Lackland ISD student, Lauren Sawvel, is leading by example and showing her classmates what it takes to be a standout on the path to success.

lackland ISD student KENS5

It’s easy to see why Lauren Sawvel was voted by her classmates as the student “Who’s Most Likely to Brighten your Day.” “She’s always got a smile on her face and she’s always lighting up the room,” said Virginia Allred Stacey High School Principal, Hunter Shelby.

Sawvel is a senior at Stacy HS, and grew up in a military environment. Hunter said Lauren goes out of her way to help new students when they arrive on campus. “We have a lot of turnover with students coming and going, and so she always manages to make new students feel welcome,” said Shelby.

“I think growing up in the military has really pushed me to make an impact on community and give back,” said Lauren.

Lauren excels in the classroom, and is involved in many school activities like National Honor Society, Student Council, Band, and Track/Cross Country. Lauren is also a dedicated member on the school’s all-girl, award-winning Cybersecurity team. “She really does a great job managing all her priorities and all her school work, and she manages to get it done time and time again,” said Shelby.

Lauren Sawvel Lackland ISD

Lauren’s determination to succeed and her positive outlook makes her a role model for her classmates. Lauren said the positive, go-getter attitude comes from growing up in a military family. “Being a military child has allowed me to grow and develop a lot, and seek every opportunity that I can,” said Lauren.

Lauren is showing her classmates that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. “Don’t be afraid to conquer a challenge and just be that impact in other people’s lives,” said Lauren.

Those are just a few reasons why Lauren Sawvel is a KENS5 All-Star Student. Regina Espree with the UPS Store on Lackland Air Force Base presented Lauren with the All-Star Award.

After graduation, Lauren plans to study Cybersecurity and follow in her father’s footsteps and enlist in the U.S. Air Force.

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