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STEM / STEAM Day Includes Science Quotes

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National STEM/ STEAM day is an opportunity to focus on the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Creating understanding around STEM and STEAM is valuable for students today. It reminds us that STEM and STEAM are all around us, shaping our daily experiences. A wonderful time to spark an interest in STEM and STEAM is during early education experiences.

Many of our districts’ teachers, administrators, parents, and members of the community shared their thoughts on the importance of STEM and STEAM for students.  Read our complete list of inspirational quotes from our communities here, and check out a few examples below:

Kelley Bradshaw 5th Grade Science Teacher Rancho Isabella Elementary Angleton ISD

STEAM is so important because it ignites the imagination and sets the soul on fire. It allows students to create endless ideas. And it allows students to explore the world through their fingertips! The possibilities that it provides for learning are limitless!

Stuart Guthrie Principal Bush Middle School North East ISD

STEAM is now more important than ever.  With students learning in a virtual environment, now is the time they need to “own their learning.” STEAM encourages students to focus on their interests and inspires them to design, develop, and demonstrate their expertise in new ways.

Marilyn Luna- Teacher Southside HS, Southside ISD

STEAM is important because it keeps us all connected. We share these formulas, blueprints, art, and techniques with each other to help bring each other up and to make each other better people.

Tempest Gray- Parent Santa Fe ISD

As a woman in the technology field, STEM and STEAM are crucial for the future of our children and our society.  The exposure that STEM/STEAM gives to our youth allows them a different critical thinking process than is available in conventional curriculum.

Liz Talley- Community Engagement Manager Youth Code Jam

STEM education paves pathways to success for learners of all backgrounds. Tech jobs are rapidly growing and hands-on learning encourages students to try new things, build confidence, and set high goals. Creating STEM opportunities for K-12 students is investing in the leaders of tomorrow!

Chris Gibson- STEM Teacher Stephen F. Austin STEM Academy, Brazosport ISD

Research shows that students who never struggle in school underperform after graduation. STEM provides the struggle, and the need for grit and perseverance to accomplish a difficult task. Along the way, students learn collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking out of sheer necessity. And since most of the jobs our elementary students will have in the future haven’t even been invented yet, these are skills that will be assets to everyone, no matter the profession.

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