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San Antonio-area public schools provide counseling for all Independent School District (ISD) students.  Our children’s academic, social, and emotional development are crucial to learning success.  Our public school counselors help support students in a variety of ways.

School guidance counselors aim to improve students’ interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

School counselors can:

  • encourage positive attitudes and behaviors
  • improve peer relationships
  • teach conflict resolution tools
  • provide students support for death of a family member or friend
  • advise children in the case of a family divorce
  • counsel students on the dangers of substance abuse


Counselors assist schools in creating disciplinary guidelines to discourage negative behavior.  They encourage positive relationships between students and their peers and teachers. Counselors provide emotional support and tools for children experiencing family trauma like death or divorce.


School counseling programs raise awareness and education on serious safety issues.

School counselors can:

  • increase suicide prevention awareness
  • teach school safety procedures
  • address harassment issues
  • provide support for bullying and victimization
  • discourage gang involvement
  • identify and advise students coping with family abuse


Public school counselors support victims of bullying, harassment, and abuse. They continuously educate school staff and students on school safety tips and suicide prevention in order to provide a welcoming and safe learning environment for all children.


School guidance counselors help ease academic anxiety and assist with postsecondary career and college planning.

School counselors can:

  • help lower test anxiety
  • teach effective study skills
  • help students make smart college choices
  • assist in career planning
  • provide information on financial aid and scholarships


School counselors teach children strategies to help cope with pressure and anxiety about grades and school.  Counselors assist students with academic plans in preparation for after high school.  They can provide detailed information on colleges and universities, help students correctly fill out their college application, or research available scholarships.  They provide students and families with financial aid information and details on saving for college like a 529 college savings plan.  For students who do not wish to attend college, counselors can help them create a coursework outline to set them up for success in their chosen career paths.

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