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U.S. Education Secretary visits Edgewood ISD

Miguel Cardona visits Edgewood ISD

U.S. Education Secretary visits Edgewood ISD

U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona visited Edgewood ISD’s Gus Garcia University School to promote the Biden administration’s Build Back Better plan.  Cardona, a former teacher and principal, spoke with students and parents about the educational challenges brought by the pandemic. 

Secretary Cardona and Congressman Castro Speak with Middle School Students

Secretary Cardona and Congressman Joaquin Castro visited Gus Garcia University School to learn about how the middle school is working with Texas A&M University- San Antonio to enhance college readiness.  The program works to help students become college ready from an early age, offers teacher development programs, and provides more services for special needs students.  The partnership also provided devices and internet services for students during remote learning.

Miguel Cardona visits Edgewood ISD
Miguel Cardona visits Edgewood

Cardona also spoke directly with students and asked their opinions on the recovery from the pandemic and how they felt about being back in school. The students overwhelmingly agreed that they can focus more when in school, and they have more academic support when learning in-person.

The Build Back Better Agenda

“The Build Back Better agenda provides resources to expand some of the great things they are already doing here at Gus Garcia,” Cardona stated. “That partnership with colleges, the pipeline for teachers, giving students the opportunity to have a voice in the development of what they are learning, that is powerful.”


Cardona and Castro school

According to Cardona, the Build Back Better bill would help schools address hunger and insecure housing, and provide help for students who lost family members during the pandemic. The plan would help parents pay for child care and increase college affordability by making Pell Grants more available.

Henry B Gonzalez

Edgewood is not new to hosting government officials.  In 1978 Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez stopped by John F. Kennedy High School to share the importance of finishing their high school diploma. 

During Cardona’s visit, Gus Garcia students explained their interest in wanting more after-school programs in science and math, as well as more challenging courses in school.

Full story at San Antonio Express News

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