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Angleton ISD Grant Pays Lunch Debt

Angleton ISD accepts grant from National Food Group

Angleton ISD received a $6,991.13 grant from the National Food Group, helping clear the school lunch debt at Angleton High School and Angleton Junior High. This grant also included a thoughtful donation of Zee Zees snacks, part of the company’s inaugural Grab The Tab contest. Amy Grant, Angleton ISD Food Service Director, commended the initiative, emphasizing National Food Group’s genuine concern for the students they serve.

The Grab The Tab contest is a part of National Food Group’s Project SERVE initiative, aiding schools struggling with overdue meal balances. Over 350 schools from 40 states sought this grant. With school lunch debt in the United States projected to reach almost $20 million in 2023, initiatives like Grab The Tab are essential in ensuring students receive daily nutritious meals while meeting government requirements.

“We were in awe of the compelling stories of each entry sent to us,” said Samantha Bourque, Corporate Social Responsibility Director for National Food Group. “Angleton ISD is a shining example of what can happen when community leaders and school faculty step up for their students and ensure they have a nutritious meal every day. By grabbing this tab, we hope it alleviates the pressure on students and families in Angleton. Grab The Tab is the start of what we hope will be a program we have for years to come – until the need no longer exists.”

Learn more about our Grab The Tab program at:

Source: Angleton ISD Facebook, National Food Group Facebook

Blog by: Maegan Monje, Intern, UTSA

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