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Meet One Judson ISD School’s Emotional Support Furry Friend

Judson ISD - Elolf Steam Academy's Newest Furry Friend

Judson ISD’s Elolf Steam welcomes pet dog Fergie Jane as their resident emotional support animal.

Elolf Steam Academy Emotional Support Animal

Judson ISD’s Elolf Steam Academy has welcomed in its newest employee, Assistant Principal Tiffany McHugh’s personal dog, Fergie Jane. Fergie Jane spends her days at Elolf Steam Academy with McHugh as an emotional support animal, bringing comfort to not only her owner, but staff, students, and visiting parents alike. “I had a parent come in upset,” McHugh said. “Fergie Jane was in my office and I told him, ‘If she is bothering you, let me know.’ But all she did was sit on his lap and the parent was petting her the entire time. Eventually, the parent and I were able to have a great conversation and his concerns were addressed.” Fergie Jane helps calm stressful situations and ease nerves, and students are allowed to visit with her when they feel overwhelmed or need a pick-me-up.

ESA Benefits

The benefits of having an emotional support animal include helping to calm and alleviate anxiety, lowering blood pressure, enhancing social interactions, and aiding loneliness. Fergie Jane helps the Academy’s special education program by helping calm the students during stressful interactions. Fergie Jane is available to everyone at the Academy, and she is there to help cultivate a positive learning environment. That will in turn lead to more engaging interactions among peers and help increase attendance. McHugh is now training Fergie Jane as a service animal so she can better aid those in need at the school and help create a calmer environment where everyone can flourish.

Blog Post by: Katya Coquat


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