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Angleton ISD Joins Rockets and Robots Program

Angleton ISD Rockets and Robots

Angleton ISD’s High School Robotics Team participated in the Rockets and Robots program at the Brazoria County Historical Museum to celebrate the new Project Apollo exhibit, which opened on February 14th! Rockets and Robots explained the success of the Apollo program’s multiple missions to the moon, and featured modern-day technological successes as well, presented by the team.

Robotics Teacher
student playing with Robotics

Angleton High School Robotics students demonstrated their innovative robot to greet the crowd on the second floor. Sounds like some STEM success at great heights! They programmed it to launch an orange ring for children to catch adding an extra layer of hands-on learning and fun.

woman teaching robotics

The robotics team also utilized new technology to feature a special turning mechanism in their project. “What’s exciting about this build is the new drive train system,” Robotics Coach Benjamin Ashby said. “So the way in which the robot runs around is omni-directional; it can move in any direction and that is called a swerve drive. This is something we’ve really pushed for and then finally were able to implement. We haven’t had this capability in the previous years, but with all of this new technology we’re able to compete with some of the best robots in the world,” Benjamin Ashby, Robotics Coach. Great job to these young rocket scientists!

Source: Angleton Facebook

Blog by: Kalista Cabato, Intern, UT Austin

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