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Needville ISD PTA Provides Sundaes for Studying

Needville ISD PTA

The Needville ISD PTA and administration team worked together to celebrate an exceptional achievement by Needville Elementary School 3rd graders. They treated the young students to ice cream sundaes and extra recess as recognition of the students’ performance on their reading and math benchmarks. What a fun surprise and much needed break from all their hard work!

students eating ice cream during recess
students eating ice cream

Needville ISD PTA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality, and by celebrating their students’ achievements, they continue to empower them. Collaboration between Needville Middle School administration and the PTA has created a school environment where academic achievements are not only acknowledged but celebrated in a memorable way. Here’s to ice cream, good test scores, and celebrating learning!

PTA handing out ice cream to students
boy students eating ice cream

Source: Needville ISD Facebook

Blog by: Kalista Cabato, Intern UT Austin

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