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NISD Students Attend “Book Tasting”

Needville students participating in book tasting

Needville Middle School’s 5th grade class held a book tasting to introduce students to new book genres.

Students evaluating books

A book tasting is an engaging activity designed to introduce readers to a variety of books and help them discover new titles and genres they might enjoy, rather than being assigned one. Usually, a book tasting resembles the ambiance of a cafe, each table having a book and a menu describing the books genre and summary. Students have a set amount of time to “taste’ the book before rotating tables and sampling a different book. After rotating through all the tables, students get to choose which book caught their attention the most, and take it home to read.

Book tasting set up

Book tastings help students broaden their reading interests. They also encourage students to try new books they usually wouldn’t go for in a regular setting.

Source: Needville Middle School Facebook

Blog by: Amber Vazquez, Intern, TXST

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