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Dickinson ISD’s Seussical Steals the Stage

Dickinson ISD Seussical

Gator students filled the seats at Dickinson ISD’s High School to see the theatre department’s performance of Seussical. Talented K-12 students lit up the stage, showcasing their boundless creativity and love for the arts. These snapshots capture the magic of musical theater in action! Congratulations to the students who participated, the production team, technical crew, […]

Dickinson ISD Dental Students’ CTE Month

Dickinson ISD Dental CTE student practicing

Dickinson ISD’s Dickinson High School celebrates Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month by sharing the work of aspiring dental professionals in Mrs. Ryder’s Dental Health Science class. These young workers received hands-on learning, immersing themselves in the intricacies of dentistry such as understanding the universal tooth numbering system, navigating dental charting, and handling dental instruments. […]

Dickinson ISD Dining Throws Taste Testings

Dickinson ISD Dining Food Tasting Event

Dickinson ISD‘s Bay Colony Elementary School recently hosted an exciting Taste-Testing event, and it was a hit among the students! Students at the event not only ate delicious food, but it was also an opportunity to introduce new menu items and promote healthy eating habits.  Among the lineup of delectable options were two varieties of […]

Dickinson ISD Middle Schools Build Connections

Dunbar Middle School Start With Hello, Find a Friend Friday

Dickinson ISD middle school, Dunbar Middle School, participated in Sandy Hook Promise’s “Start with Hello” week. This program is designed to teach students and educators to have empathy for fellow students and staff members, build new connection, and create a sense of belonging. Dunbar Middle School got involved with the 6-12th grade program where they […]

Dickinson ISD Hosts “Teen Talks”

Edward "Doc" Amey giving his weekly "Teen Talk"

Dickson ISD hosted Edward ‘Doc’ Amey at the Coastal Academy Program for his weekly “Teen Talk”. The CAP program was implemented under the Safe and Secure Schools Act. The alternative education program is set to assist expelled students to graduate high school. It helps the students develop skills to avoid being expelled in the future […]

Dickinson ISD Photography Students Meet with Astros Photographer

Teacher posing with replica World Series Ring

Dickinson ISD students met with Astros photographer to learn about his photography career and ask questions about the profession. Dickinson High School students in Ms. Brown’s career technical education photography course had the opportunity to hear from Houston Astros photographer, Evan Triplett. He discussed how he entered the profession, and he gave useful information for […]

Dickinson ISD Hosts Father/Daughter Dance

daddy daughter dance

Dickinson ISD’s 2023 Daddy Daughter Dance at Kranz Junior High was a huge success! Career & Technical Education students in the education and cosmetology fields. Dickinson High School students in the education pathway assisted with the event by working with girls to make arts and crafts. We also had special help from the cosmetology pathway […]

Dickinson ISD Students Study African-American Artist for Black History Month

dickinson isd black history art

Dickinson ISD middle school art students create masks in the style of a famous black sculptor. For Black History month, 6th grade artists at Barber Middle School learned about Kimmy Cantrell, an African American sculptor. He is known for his colorful clay masks depicting expressive abstract faces with exaggerated eyes and whimsical features. Cantrell uses […]

Dickinson ISD Students Practice CTE

Dickinson ISD CTE Dental students

Dickinson ISD offers Career and Technical Education courses through Dickinson High School. DHS senior Toi Goffney spends two mornings each week to learn alongside a dental hygienist at League City Family Dentistry. Victoria Estrada and Aracely Pena, also seniors at Dickinson High School, are learning about filling prescriptions, working with insurance companies, and helping customers […]

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