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Make a Region a Member



Making a Region Into a Member

  1. Go to the “Edit Region” screen for the specific region you want to change into a member. Under the “Region Membership Status” section add the “Member” tag to the region and delete the “Non-Member” tag. 


2) In the “Edit Region” screen fill in the custom fields where applicable. This will help to fill in the new template that is being assigned to the member region. 

3) Add district hotspots to the map where applicable. 

See instructions here


4) Add “Member” tag to main menu. 

to complete this step follow these instructions

  1. Click here to open the portion of the main menu that contains the list of regions.
  2. Click the widget that holds the region you want to add the badge to.
  3. Add this html directly behind the new member region’s name <span class=”member-badge” style=”font-size: 10px; vertical-align: top;”>Member</span>

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